Maharashtra Organisation Australia Inc.

About Our Mission:

Our main Mission is to introduce, to construe, and to promote our Maharashtrian Culture within the Australian multicultural society.

We aim to fill up the generation gap between the young and the veteran
Maharashtrians by organising various cultural, infotainment based as well as educational programs. The young Maharashtrian’s involvement in the Organisation thus shall be inspired and motivated by boosting their interests and needs.

For International Students from Maharashtra:

We seek to provide special attention to international students who are especially from Maharashtra. We strive to meet all their needs and requirements during their stay in Australia. The organization acknowledges and empathizes with the challenges and the plight of international students who are away from their families and have to spend time in education, homemaking as well as earning for their day to day living expenses.

For Business Community:

There are many upcoming as well as well-established businesses owned by
Maharashtrians in Australia and Maharashtra. Our Organisation aims not only to help these businesses to promote and grow their market share in Australia but also shall aspire to connect overseas businesses with the local market in Australia and with the government bodies of Australia and Maharashtra.

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